Monday, 11 February 2013

Let My Teenager Drink

stripling Drinking
Underage beverage has always been as deal in the United States and many assume their own opinions on it. Joseph A Califano makes a great argument in chemical reaction to T.R. Reids, Let My Teenager Drink. His Dont Make Teen Drinking Easier is the opposite of Reids and he backs it up with statistics and references.
Califano proves Reids idea that the English and Europeans have fewer drinking riddle that we do in the states. First he talks to the highest degree the drinking rates in Europe and the United States and and whence says, British 15 and 16-year olds were more than twice as belike as Americans to binge drink (50 per centum vs. 24 percent) and to have been intoxicated within the past 30 days (48 percent vs. 21 percent). Another statistic he uses is, ...The World Health organic law found that American 15-year olds were less likely than those in 18 other nations to have been intoxicated twice or more. British girls and boys were far likelier that their U.S. counterparts to have been drunk that often (52 and 51 percent vs. 28 and 34 percent). This information makes for a pretty persuade argument and appeals to our ethos.
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One fact he presents is, รข€¦The American Medical Association found that teen drinking-not bingeing, precisely drinking-can seriously misuse growth processes of the brain and that such damage can be long term and irreversible. He then goes on to say, Alcohol is a major contributing doer in the three leading causes of teen death-accidents, homicide, and suicide- and increases the chances of juvenile sin and crime. Using such concrete facts to support his statement is a very effective way to persuade and connect with the audience. This could heretofore persuade a teen that may believe the drinking age should be lowered as well.
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